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Minecraft Server
Come Join Us!
Server IP:

Garrysmod Servers
Server Under Construction
Server will be complete soon

Please do not ask to be a staff/admin/mod ect..
Doing so will result in automatic denial of request.
To apply please go to the proper thread and post your application

General Rules
If you have a problem with the way a staff member handled a situation, or they are abusing their powers, contact a Head-Staff with proof.
  1. Do not disrespect/harass/threaten/flame any players or staff. 

  2. Do not metagame, ( Acknowledging “Hit Accepted” above hitmen, Drug Dealer, Job, etc.)

  3. Using racism or racial slurs as an ironic or comedic purpose is allowed, however, if anyone is offended by your racist behavior you MUST stop.

  4. Do not expect staff to take any action without valid proof.

  5. Do not be a troll or a minge.

  6. English is the only language acceptable on the server.

  7. Do not argue with staff unless you have a valid point. ( Calmly disagreeing/discussing in a professional manner is fine )

  8. Do not impersonate a staff member or a player.

  9. Do not mislead players with false rules. 

  10. Do not compare our rules to the rules of other servers.

  11. Do not advertise other gaming communities.

  12. Do not encourage people to break the rules. 

  13. Do not avoid punishment in any way.

  14. You may have tags to other communities as long as you don’t attempt to drag members to that community.

  15. The Spawn Area is a neutral zone, therefore no roleplay or crimes should be done there.

  16. Harassing or any negativity toward the server/staff/players is strictly against the rules.

  17. To contact an admin, you must use ” @ message “. Do not use this without a valid reason or needing to contact staff for a sit.

  18. Do not request an admins assistance in unnecessary situations; only rule breaking or actual questions on our rules. Refer to the rule above on the proper method of requesting/contacting a staff member.

  19. Do not spam the admin chat, advert, or OOC.

  20. If the class description does not say Raid=Yes, don’t raid as it! (Yes this means citizen too don’t raid as it).


  22. "God Checking" is not allowed. Attempting to kill a Staff member while on duty is punishable.
  1. Do not use lua scripts, hacks, exploits, or any other gameplay alterations.  

  2. You must RP as the class is attended to be. (Contact staff if you have questions)

  3. You may not spam job votes.

  4. Do not abuse your job, do what your job is intended to do. Using a job for its resources, then changing is considered job abuse.

  5. You may not counter-raid, counter-mug, or counter-kidnap. Party members, however,  may defend each other.

  6. You may only vote to demote someone for abusing or fail roleplaying as their job, (not RDM, or RDA, if so contact an admin)

  7. You may not raid, mug, kidnap, or pickpocket someone that is clearly building.

  8. You may not spam the camera flash.

  9. You may not spam your flashlight.

  10. You may not have overly bright lights or lamps.

  11. You may not make a money printer bomb.

  12. You may not put a camera anywhere but on your property.

  13. You may not make a text-screen that is against another player or group not associated with your own party.

  14. You cannot change your job name to be another role play character, unless it fits your set job.

  15. You may not prop spam/rope spam

  16. You must play by NLR (New Life Rule). New Life Rule is that you cannot return to your place of death or interact with anyone that is or was part of the RP situation. You forget everything that happened before your time of death. After death/rejoining, wait 5 minutes before returning to point of death.

  17. You may not break into (or attempt to) someone’s base unless you are raiding, have adverted, and are a raiding class.

  18. Do not spam /advert.
  19. Do not just hang around spawn.

Killing/Shooting Rules
  1. (RDM) Random DeathMatch is not acceptable. (RDM is randomly shooting at people without a valid RP reason)

  2. You can’t fire at anyone without a valid reason. Racism, and rule-breaking are not valid reasons. Please call an admin for assistance.

  3. You may not kill trespassers who left your property unless they stole an item or vehicle from you. (If someone left your KOS you cannot keep shooting at them.)

  4. You may kill anyone that agrees in advert to you killing them or having a firefight, but must be done away from other players and spawn.

  5. You must give 10 second warning to leave the property before killing them if you do not have a KOS sign. 

  6. You may not kill any government official unless they attack you first, or are actively trying to arrest you.     

  7. If someone passes your KOS line, then leaves you may not kill them. This is because they are no longer on your property, but if they are hopping in and out of your KOS line you may kill them.         
Prop Related Rules
  1. Do not build lewd or obscene objects. (This would include genitalia.)

  2. You may not spawn/bring props in other people's homes/property without their permission.

  3. You may not spam props.

  4. You may not fully prop block anything/anywhere; excluding windows. there must be a way into the base. You may not prop kill in anyway.

  5. You may not have flickering props.

  6. You may not ghost props to stand in them to avoid damage, the same applys for your valuables

  7. You may not prop push.

  8. You may not prop climb/surf.

  9. You may not build in public unless you are a hobo, or a CP setting up a checkpoint (see CP rules). You cannot block any player’s base or props.

  10. You may not mess with players creations/props.

  11. You may not have floating props/bases, there must be realistic support of some kind.

  12. You may not have invisible props (Cameras are excluded from this).

  13. No fully black box bases/areas.. A black box is a box that your flashlight beam does not show up on.

  14. One way visual props are allowed using the material tool, as long as bullets can pass through the prop from both sides or not at all from either.

  15. You may build Not isolated roofs not normally accessible if you're a hobo. 

  1. You must Advert Mug

  2. You must give people at least 10 seconds to react to your mug

  3. Max mug is $1000, also you may not mug someone for undroppable amounts of money ( $1 ).

  4. You may not mug/kidnap the same person for 5 min.

  5. You may not kill someone that you mugged after they have dropped the money, and the person mugged can’t shoot you after dropping the money ( You must choose to either fight back, or drop the money. )

  6. You may not kill a mugger unless the person that is being mugged is you, or the person being mugged is in a party with you.
Raiding Rules
  1. You must Advert Raid

  2. You may raid as much as you please, but you may not raid the same person consecutively. (Consecutive raid cooldown is set at 10 mins) 

  3. You may not call raid inside of the base

  4. To do a PD takeover you must have the PD under your control for 5 minutes, additionally you may not use one way fading doors when building in a takeover.

  5. You may not raid just to kill the people inside of a base.

  6. If there is no reason for you to stay in a base you must in the raid, you may not keep raiding if you have taken/destroyed the valuables

  7. You must be near the base to raid it

  8. You can kill anyone inside of a base that you are raiding, or that are shooting at you.

  9. You may take over the PD. You cannot kill anyone OUTSIDE of the PD while you are raiding.

  10. If you are being raided, after you die you can not come back to your base untill the raid is over.
Stealing Rules
  1. You must advert steal

  2. Stealing makes you KOS by the owner of the object you stole from.

  3. You cannot steal from more than one person at once.

  4. Stealing cooldown is 5 minutes for the same person.
Door/Property Related Rules
  1. Keypads must have a minimum of a 5 second hold delay.

  2. You may build around your door(s) if it's not obstructing public walkways.

  3. You may not base in the Cinema, that property belongs to the Cinema Owner. This means no printers, meth, or any sort of valuables will be stored there.

  4. You may build on isolated roofs not normally accessible but only if you are a hobo.

  5. You may claim the sidewalk that is in DIRECTLY in front of your base.

  6. You must own all doors of a base to be considered owner.

  7. You may not own doors within a property if someone else owns a door in the building. (hotels are excluded from this as there is multiple rooms)

  8. You may not buy every door in a large building unless you are using every room behind the doors you own.

  9. You may not prop block all the doors of a building. One must be openable. 

  10. Your base must be able to be raided by every criminal class.

  11. You may have double fading doors.

  12. The space between your double fading doors must wide enough for one player.

  13. You may not advance dupe a player's base without their permission.

  14. You must be able to shoot from both sides, or neither side of your base.

  15. You may not have more than 5 fading doors linked to keypads in your base.

  16. Loitering signs are not allowed. Being "near” a base is not a reason for KOS.

  17. You must have keypads/Buttons connected to fading doors, and within reasonable distance and visible from the door.

  18. You must have all doors/fading doors able to be keypad cracked.

  19. You may not take multiple buildings as your own personal base.

  20. You may not use multiple world-buildings for one unified base as this is considered a district takeover which requires a party of five or more players who are online at the time. ( This excludes bases made COMPLETELY of props. )
  1. All members of the party must advert raid (No party raid adverts).

Staff Rules

 1.) To noclip, you must be on duty or have a valid reason ( Responding to Urgent/Emergency Sits).
 2.) If you change your name, you MUST make a post on the forums including your previous, and new name.
 3.) Do not disrespect the players.
 4.) Do not use admin permissions while off duty. The only time you can use permissions is while on duty.
 5.) Do not abuse your staff powers. this includes but is not limited to your physgun, keypad checker, slay, ban, kick, and jail.
6.) Do not set anybodies HP unless you have a valid reason. (Attempted RDM)
7.) If you are on the server, you MUST go to sits, even if you are off duty. 
8.) If you are going to be inactive, you must tell a head staff member, or make a post on the forums, or you will be demoted.
9.) If you are uncertain of any rules, ask a higher up to clarify.
10.) You MAY NOT punish other staff members, unless given permission by a head staff / superadmins. You may have a talk with them about what they are doing wrong.
11.) Any serious drama within the staff team will result in the demotion of all of the staff inciting the problem.
12.) You may be demoted without receiving a strike, depending on the rules broken.
13.) Do not unfreeze/unweld a player’s props (Pressing R unfreezes and un-welds all of the props you’re looking at).
14.) You may not advance dupe a player’s base without their permission.
15.) You may not unban someone unless you are a head-staff, or have been given permission from a Super Admin.
16.) Do not make up or give players false rules.
17.) Do not AFK as staff on duty
18.) Forcing your job is strictly prohibited, unless you were falsely demoted, or you’re told by a super you may.
19.) As Staff on Duty in no way shape or form should you be involved in a RP situation. This includes being in peoples bases / interfere in anything other than a Sit.
20.) ONLY ban during a sit, the recipient being banned must know the reasons given and their sentence. NO BANNING FOR LEAVING RP SITUATIONS (mass rdmer's and RDA'ers are exempted from this rule)
21.) Only head staff / superadmins are able to accept / deny Ban Requests, and Unban Requests.
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