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What each drug does
Drugs and their effects:


  • Antitoxin - removes all drug effects from your system, can be used to save yourself from overdose
  • Alcohol - gives 10% damage resist and makes your view sway
  • Painkillers - gives 20% damage resist, stacks with alcohol
  • Cigarettes - heals you a bit (nicotine effect is just a visual)
  • Weed - gives slow but long lasting health regen
  • Vitalex - gives fast but short health regen, multiple doses can stack up to 30s duration
  • Muscle relaxant - greatly reduces impact damage (damage from falling, fists, being struck by vehicles and props etc)
  • Life preserver - if you take damage that would kill you the drug effect will be consumed to heal you back to 25hp instead, useful against snipers
  • Bouncer - ability to double jump

  • Dextradose - considerably faster lockpicking time (might conflict with some custom lockpick mods)
  • Gunslinger - 25% increased bullet damage for your guns
  • Crystal meth - do 250% more damage with your fists
  • Pingaz (ecstasy) - higher jump height and pulsing visual effect, perfect for rave parties
  • Steroids - 20% faster sprint speed, great for running circles around cops
  • Haemophage - life steal effect
  • Volatile waste - an interesting drug perfect for a terrorist job, drinking it makes you explode on death. The tin it comes in is also explosive so if you get creative you can use it to create IEDs, booby traps etc

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