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Garrysmod Servers
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Staff-Application Format
DarkRP Staff Application

      As the staff of RevolutionRP, you will be held to a higher standard than that of an average player. You will be required to keep the same name as you have now and be vigilant on the forums and the server. At times you will be with to step out of your role-play job to help other players. You will be required to help players in a friendly and polite manner that does not leave room for error. You must have at least 5 hours on the server to be eligible for consideration, you need experience and a mic, and to be not younger than 15

Gmod Name:

Steam ID:

Time Zone:

Age (15 minimum):

Did an admin refer you?

Tell us a little about yourself:

Why are you applying for Staff? (25 Word Minimum)

Which staff position/server are you applying for?

How much time can you donate to the server a week?

Why should we hire you? (Strengths?)

Why would you not be a good pick for our server? (Weaknesses?)

What other server experiences as staff do you have?

Do you know how to use ULX? (GMOD SERVERS ONLY)

Do you have a mic?

Can you use discord?

Why did you choose Revolution rp?

Do you fully understand what it takes to be staff on this server?

Will you promise to abide by our rules and regulations and serve as an example to others?

Any other comments that you would like to make? Is there anything we should know about you?
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